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Made by the People-For the People!

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Fandom Videos!
This community was designed as a place for LJ Users to post their video creations from all fandoms.

We have talented members in this community bringing us vids from huge fandoms of all varieties!!

For the most part, I, kiramalfoy am pretty lenient as a mod, so i let alot of things slide. But this is an awesome community, and as long as it's been running, it has been Drama-Free, which makes me proud. :)


1. Have Fun!!

2-4. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!!! I can not stress enough how important it is for an author/creator/person to hear that someone downloaded their vid, watched it, enjoyed it, etc. Also try not to flame too harshly. For example, if someone posts a video about Harry Potter, and their transitions are very sloppy, the nice thing to do would be: "Well, its a good start! Next time, you might want to try adding a ease in/ease out effect to add some smoother transitions. Keep up the good work!" We want to encourage more creativity here, not slam it down into the ground. Right? Right.

5. When posting, try to include:
~Title of Video
~Vidder's Name (i.e. You, or whoever you are rec'cing)
~Song Title/Band
~Rating (if it is R or higher, just make sure you put a Not Safe For Work disclaimer)
~Summary. it could be one or two sentences, about what we might see in your video.
~Link Us To It!!!!!


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