New Vid: Our Flag Means Death "Hey Hey You You"

Title: Hey Hey You You
Fandom: Our Flag Means Death
Music: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Pairing/Characters: Ed/Stede; Ed, Stede, Izzy, Jack

They're, like, so whatever
and you could do so much better
I think, we should get together now


Stede thinks Ed could do so much better than Izzy and Jack.
(He also really really likes him.)

This idea wouldn't let go and I had so much fun making this vid. I hope you'll enjoy!

here on AO3

New Vid: Cobra Kai "Problem"

Title: Problem
Fandom: Cobra Kai
Music: Problem by Natalia Kills
Characters/Pairings: Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, John Kreese, Terry Silver, people Johnny beat up, people choking Johnny; Johnny/Daniel
Summary: People say Johnny Lawrence is a god damn problem. Good thing Daniel LaRusso doesn't care about that. All that much.
Warnings: violence

Here on AO3