New Vid: Multifandom "Compromise"

Fandoms: Ace High, Day Of Anger, Death Rides A Horse, Django, For A Few Dollars More, God Forgives... I Don't, My Name Is Nobody, Rawhide, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tombstone, The Good THe Bad And The Ugly, Young Guns
Music: Compromise by Indigo Girls
Summary: When I'm walking through this world I need to hold your hand. Let me take you on this ride, I hope you understand. I'm not asking for a compromise. - A multifandom vid about cowboys who need to hold someone's hand.
Warnings: violence

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"Better to Be You" for Meow, the Secret Boy

"Better to Be You" by Drew Ryan Scott for Meow, the Secret Boy, a 2020 Korean drama

I've become so obsessed with Asian dramas that I stopped dead making  music videos. Really hope that finishing this one means I can get back  to work. 

Meow, the Secret Boy, is essentially a 2020 Korean drama art  film. I'm most reminded of Walter Farley's The Black Stallion. The cat  is played by "L", a famous Korean boy-band star. 

Must admit that my favorite scene is where the ex-boyfriend discovers  that the girl sleeps with the cat (not knowing it’s not JUST a cat). He  suggests this might be a good time to take the cat in for neutering. In  the music video scene, the ex is in the red sweater, the cat in his  normal white. Great expressions!