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Dec. 24th, 2016 @ 02:59 pm A new NCIS/NCIS-LA Christmas song - Camoflage and Christmas Lights
Camoflage and Christmas Lights, from Duck the Halls
Theme: military Christmas
MP4: 33 MB
MP2: 215 MB

This is for my nephew Philip, a proud Marine who loves NCIS.

Tonight!  Remember that Henry Livingston wrote "The Night Before Christmas!"

I've spent from 1999 to now working with two professors to prove that my 5th great grandfather wrote the Christmas poem.  In 2000 they did a two page article on us in the New York Times and a two page article in People Magazine, with my picture full page.  I hid all that week.  But we couldn't overturn using just linguistic analysis.  Then I started working with a Shakespearean scholar from New Zealand. And using statistical analysis for two solid years, examining every sound of every word of every poem by Henry Livingston and Clement Moore, we did it this year!  Celebrate tonight with us.

FREE TONIGHT!!!!!!!   I've made my kindle books free tonight, but that will go away soon.

One has 89 antique illustrations from old editions of the poem.

One has 174 of the most glorious antique postcards illustrating Henry's poetry of beautiful women.

And one is a massively illustrated biography of Henry and his work.
All my love and festive wishes.  A very Happy Christmas.
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